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城市電訊 City Telecom - 公司簡介 Company Profile

城市電訊(City Telecom – CITI)早於1991 年已於多倫多成立,並獲得加拿大電視及電訊委員會(CRTC)正式批准,成為全加拿大首間由華人經營之合法長途電話服務機構,1992年於溫哥華開設西岸辦事處,業務全面覆蓋加拿大東西岸。2014年,城市電訊成為Y5ZONE集團成員之一,繼續為加拿大提供優質通訊服務。2016更獲得「電視廣播有限公司」為“TVB Anywhere電視服務”加拿大特許代理,讓加拿大觀眾每天24小時緊貼最新的香港娛樂及資訊。

城市電訊以尖端科技,提供多項湛新服務,主要業務包括: 商業及住宅 直撥長途服務、海外撥電服務、及手機長途服務等。近年再推出「香港寬頻電話」、「新一代家居電話」、TVB Anywhere電視盒子, DSL/Cable高速寬頻, 流動電話 及 Y5ZONE 商用無線網絡及廣告服務等,讓用戶以更低價格,享用高質通訊服務。

City Telecom (CITI) was first founded in Toronto during 1991. Formally approved by The Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission, it was Canada's first legitimate long-distance services provider ran by Chinese institutions.  In 1992, the company opened a Canada west coast office in Vancouver. It had increased the telecommunication business coverage in Canada nationwide. In 2014, CITI became one of member of Y5Zone group, and continue to provide the high-quality communication services in Canada.In 2016, City Telecom proudly became the “TVB Anywhere” authorized dealer in Canada, to provide the most update Hong Kong entertainment and news 24/7 to Canadian audience.

City telecom has the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services. The main businesses include: Commercial & Residential Direct Dial Long Distance Service, Overseas Calling Service, and Mobile Long Distance Service, etc. In recent years, the company has also launched "Hong Kong broadband Phone", "NexGen Home Phone,” DSL/Cable High Speed Internet services, TVB Anywhere TV Box, Mobile Service & Y5ZONE Commercial Wi-Fi Network & Advertising etc., allowing users to enjoy high quality communication services with affordable prices.          



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