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「家居電話」及「寬頻電話」服務增值功能 - 使用指南

“Home Phone” & “Broadband Phone” Call features instruction



1)  「來電顯示」(Caller ID Display)


「來電顯示」服務讓用戶在接聽電話時,預知來電者的身份。「來電顯示」可讓用戶翻閱未能接聽的來電號碼、日期及時間。(此功能必須配合兼容電話機座) “Caller Display” let you know who is calling before you decide whether to answer, and view a list of the most recent incoming calls including date and time, even if you didn't answer them (This feature must use compatibility phone set).



“Caller Display” cannot display the number listed below:

  •   Calls from public phones

  • Calls from some special network and long distance.

  • Caller ID blocked by caller.


2)  「來電等候」(Call Waiting)



With “Call waiting” service, you will never miss an important call because you are on the phone. You will be notifying by a continual 3 subtle “Beep” sound that is indicate an incoming call is waiting, and the second caller will hear a ring tone rather than a busy signal. You can put the first call on hold and greeting to the new caller.


「來電等候」功能使用步驟: “Call waiting”  service procedure

  • 3下「必」聲,表示有另一新來電待接,通知原來的通話者稍候。

When you are on the phone and hear a continual 3 subtle “Beep” sounds that indicate another call comes in. Inform the original caller stay on line.

  • FLASH】鍵或【切線 (HOOK)】鍵與新來電者通話(原來的通話者會處於靜音環境)。

To answer the second call, briefly press “FLASH” or “HOOK” button. (the original party will stay in silence mode)

c)   再按【FLASH】鍵或【切線 (HOOK)】鍵與原來的通話者通話。

 When return to the original call or to alternate between callers, briefly press the “FLASH” or HOOK” button.


3)  「三人會議」(3 Ways Conference Calling)


「三人會議」功能可讓您加入第三者對同的於電話中對話 ( 無論是 ¹本地、² 香港 或、³  海外電話 ),三線互通。

The “3 Way Conference Calling” let you arrange adding a third party in the chat with two different location at the same time. (the call can connect to a ¹ Local Phone , ² Hong Kong, ³ Overseas calling)


「三人會議 」功能使用步驟: “3 Way Conference Calling” dialing procedure

a)   當您正在通話中按【FLASH】鍵或【切線 (HOOK)】鍵。

While on a call (or after placing the first call) put the first party on hold briefly press “FLASH” or “HOOK”.

b)   當聽到3聲短而急的訊號後,輸入另一個將會加入會議的電話號碼。(*假如按入的是長途電話號碼,必須按照長途撥號形式輸入號碼)。

Dial a number of the third party you wish to call after hear 3 short “Beep” tone. (* If dialing a long distance call, must dial with long distance form to place a call.)

                c)  再按【FLASH】鍵或【切線 (HOOK)】鍵,進行「三人會議」。

To activate “3 Way Conference Calling” service, briefly press “FLASH” or “HOOK” again connect all three parties immediately


¹ 本地電話包括加拿大境內任何電話,西北地區及育康區除外。  Local calling including all national Canadian cities, except Northwest Territory & Yukon. 

² 如使用無限通話香港「寬頻電話」線撥出,則無須另收長途費用。  No additional charge if dialing from the line of Hong Kong unlimited calling “Broadband Phone” service.

³ 長途費用需另外收取。 Additional long distance charge apply.


4)  「留言信箱 」(Voice Mail) 及「留言電郵」 (Voice E-mail)


當來電而無人接聽時,電話將轉駁至留言信箱,親友可於「留言信箱」留下口訊。您可使用您的「家居電話」接聽「留言信箱」內容或從網上接收「留言電郵」以 wav 檔案聽取,更可轉寄及儲存。

The “Voice Mail” let the incoming caller leave you a message when you away from home, or unavailable pick-up the phone. Your voice messages also automatically transfer to your email address as attachments in “wav” format that you can listen to, save and forward to others.


「留言信箱」功能使用步驟: Access “Voice Mail” service procedure

當拿起聽筒聽到急促撥號音或留言指示燈亮起(須配合兼容電話機座),表明巳有留言。If hear short and continual dial tone or the voice mail indicator turns on.( This feature must use compatibility phone set ), it’s indicate you have a voice mail.

  • “*95”,當聽到轉入密碼的指示後,才按入密碼 (您預設的密碼是1122)

Key-in  “*95” from your “Local Phone”, the system will require you to enter you password (The pre-set password: 1122)

  • ”1”。  (您亦可透過預先提供的電郵地址以 .wav檔案聽取留言)

To retrieve the voice mail, press “1” (You may retrieve the “Voice Mail” from you register e-mail)

  • 「留言信箱」選項  ,請按 “0”.

To access different “Voice Mail” option, press “0”

  • 更改密碼 ,請按 “5”

To Change login password, press “5”.

  • +  #  (最多5位數字)

Enter new password + # (maximum 5 digits)

  • + #

Re-enter the new password + #


5. 來電轉駁 (Call Forwarding)



“Call Forward” let you forward your calls to any phone number including cellular phone, you will never miss a call while you away from home.


-設置「來電轉駁」功能使用步驟:Activate the “Call Forwarding”

聽到撥號聲音即按 “*72”,聽到電話長響聲音後,按入您所需要轉接的電話號碼。您會聽到 短音以確認設置成功。

Lift the phone enter “*72” , after another dial tone enter the phone number that you want to forward. When you hear a short tone, that’s mean the forwarding process successful.

-取消「來電轉駁」功能使用步驟:De-activate the “Call Forwarding”

聽到撥號聲音即按 “*73”,您會聽到正常撥號音便確認取消成功。

Lift the phone and press “*73”, once hear normal dial tone, it mean successful de-activate the function.


6. 拒絕來電 (Do Not Disturb)



“Do Not Disturb” service let you transfer all calls to “Voice Mail” once activated.

-設置「請勿騷擾」功能使用步驟:Activate the “Do Not Disturb”

聽到撥號聲音即按 “*78”,您會聽到 短音以確認設置成功。所有來電會轉接到留言信箱。

Lift the phone enter “*78”, once hear a short tone, it means successful activate the function. All incoming call will forward to your “Voice Mail” box automatically.

-取消「請勿騷擾」功能使用步驟:De-activate the “Do Not Disturb”

聽到撥號聲音即按 “*79”,您會聽到正常撥號音便確認取消成功。

Lift the phone enter “*79”, once hear normal dial tone, it mean successful de-activate the function.                                                           


* 香港「寬頻電話」服務 (接駁於Line 1),只包括以上 (1-3) 電話功能

The call features (1 -3) listed above available for HK “ Broadband Phone” service connect to the port “line 1”.

如致電國際長途,請撥 001+國家號碼+區號+電話號碼 / 美國及加拿大長途,請撥 001+1+區號+電話號碼

To dial an international call, enter 001+ Country code + Area code + Phone number /  USA & Canada call, enter 001+ 1 + Area code + Phone number.


* 加拿大本地「家居電話」服務 (接駁於Line 2),包括以上 (1-6) 電話功能

The call features (1 – 6) listed above available for Canadian “Local Phone” service connect to the port “line 2”.

如致電國際長途,請撥 011+國家號碼+區號+電話號碼 / *¹ 美國長途,請撥 區號+電話號碼  

To dial an international call, enter 011+ Country code + Area code + Phone number / *¹ USA, enter Area code + Phone number.

*¹  致電加拿大西北地區及育康區,須另收長途收費。

*¹  Long distance charge apply if calling to Northwest Territories & Yukon, Canada.

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